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Dialogical moment Creating an overall view

Method 3: Find the missing pieces (Revealing gaps in thinking and activities)

(Creating an overall view through dialogue, Revealing gaps in thinking and activities, dialogue scene 42 or in English 24)

The goal is to learn to reveal gaps in one's understanding and knowledge regarding a certain matter, and in order to bridge these gaps to learn to reformulate learning goals into the form of questions. The objective is to learn to combine two methods: Weaving a synthesis and The art of inquiry – the power of questions.

Remember to consciously observe whether your actions and behaviour follow the principles of philanthropy and reciprocity!


  • ask the participants to individually structure any questions, problems, ideas they did not understand etc. that they encountered during the weaving of the synthesis
  • next, every participant forms open questions based on these problems etc.
  • in small groups, the participants talk about these questions, problems and ideas that they did not understand
  • finally all the open questions are gathered together and written down on a paper or by using a computer etc. so that they can be used in various ways in knowledge creation

Reflection in the learning community: The whole group jointly reflects upon their experiences of the method and thinking that it caused. One useful question for this reflection is, ”from the perspective of learning, what were the results or products of formulating open questions whose purpose was to find the missing pieces?” The purpose of the reflection is that several participants, not only some, share their thinking and experiences. When the reflection part is completed, every participant has gained an understanding of how to find gaps in their thinking and how to bridge these gaps by formulating open questions that lead them to investigate and familiarize themselves with the matter in question.