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Dialogical moment Creating an overall view

Method 2: Weave a synthesis pearl (Weaving a personal synthesis)

((Creating an overall view through dialogue, Weaving a synthesis, dialogue scene 41 or in English 23)

The goal is that the participants form a synthesis (an overall view of their understanding as it is at the moment) of some matter that they are aiming to learn. In addition, the objective is that every participant weaves a personal synthesis in their own unique way.


  • the participants create an overall view of a certain sufficiently concrete matter that they are aiming to learn
  • the participants interlace ”threads” that relate to what they have learned, weaving these threads into a tightly woven synthesis
  • after the weaving that is done together with the group, each participant writes down a few words or draws a picture (on a paper or by using a computer etc.) to describe what he/she considers to be a real pearl (i.e. an important idea, understanding etc.) produced by the weaving
  • in a synthesis pearl, the words have meaning that is related to the subject that is to be learned and that is based on the personal point of view of the participant
  • taking turns, each participant describes some important matters related to the content of their synthesis pearl while the other members in their group listen
  • the task can be further elaborated if the other members in the group use open questions to ask each participant to explain more about the content of their pearl

Reflection in the learning community: The whole group jointly reflects upon their experiences of the method and thinking that it caused. One useful question for this reflection is ”How did weaving a synthesis pearl support your learning?” The purpose of the reflection is that several participants, not only some, share their thinking and experiences. When the reflection part is completed, every participant has gained an understanding of his/her personal understanding and knowledge regarding a certain matter.