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Method 2: Cultural scripts (awareness of one's behaviour and actions)

The goal of this task is that the participants become aware of their behaviour and actions while engaged in a dialogue. The objective is to practise the skill of being consciously present in a dialogue and to observe one's actions.


  • form small groups (the groups ought to be different from the ones in which you worked during the previous task)
  • think about cultural traits and ways of acting/behaving; about how people communicate with one another in the place where you grew up (this part of the task is done individually)
  • examine these traits and ways of acting/behaving, and select one that you also recognise as a part of your own behaviour/actions
  • explain this trait or way of acting/behaving to the other members in a small group (4 persons)
  • finally explain a cultural script that is evident in your behaviour to the whole group.