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Dialogical warm-up

The goal of the dialogical warm-up methods is both to enable the participants to get to know one another and to prepare them for dialogue-based work. Another goal is to start the process of collaborative thinking and learning. Getting to know one another helps the participants work in collaboration with one another in the learning community right from the start.

Method 1: Spontaneous participation
The goal of this task is that every person in the learning community will participate freely and spontaneously. The crucial principle in dialogue is that one is allowed to be imperfect and one's thinking under development.
Method 2: Cultural scripts
The goal of this task is that the participants become aware of their behaviour and actions while engaged in a dialogue. The objective is to practise the skill of being consciously present in a dialogue and to observe one's actions.
Method 3: Giving presents
The goal of this task is that the participants begin to share their thinking from the very beginning. The purpose is to understand that sharing one's thinking is like giving a present to the other members of the group. In addition to sharing, each group member also receives these presents from the other participants.
Method 4: Perspectives
The goal of the task is that the group creates common understanding. Everyone expresses their opinions and beliefs. In addition, every participant pays careful attention to listening to the others' perspectives.